Most Small Groups are Meeting Via Zoom or are on HOLD due to the Pandemic Please contact your leaders for information.

Sunday Bible Study Group

Meets each Sunday following worship and fellowship in the Worship Center, Choir Room. Bring your lunch!

Study Overview: You Know Christ, but you're not so sure how to grow in Christ. These classic Navigators studies are a great guide to growing in Christ! Lessons on Assurance includes five studies on the key promises God gives to you as a Christian. Lessons on Christian Living includes eight studies on major scriptural principles for your spiritual growth.

  • Group Leader: Fancye Williams (951) 247-3057

  • Open to all

  • Cost: Free

Monday Night Prayer

Meets each Monday evening at 7:00PM

  • Group Overview: Our Prayer Warriors meet together each Monday evening at Oasis to pray over all the prayer concerns that were identified on Sunday's attendance sheet. Each request is honored with reverence and enthusiasm as the petitions are brought forward.. We take prayer seriously at Oasis.
  • Group Leader: May're Keeten (951) 653-0737
  • Location: Meets in the Ministry Center: Room Timothy
  • Enrollment: Open to everyone!
  • Cost: None

Women's Monday Night Bible Study

Meets each Monday from 7:00-8:30PM

Author: Women of Faith

  • Group Overview: This women's group meets each Monday for fellowship, study and prayer. Ladies get an opportunity to develop relationships with one another, serve the Lord through their many gifts, and reach out to the community.
  • Study Overview: Studies are in the Women of Faith series of Bible Studies. Here, the ladies take a faith journey together as we study healthy biblical living, spiritual disciplines, and how God's love works in us to confront the world around us. We will seek God's solutions to our trials and grow our love for God and for one another. These are studies by women and for women, each one helping us to blossom into the women God has always wanted us to be. Join us this week and we'll continue the journey together.
  • Small Group Leader: Christine James 951-653-0737
  • Location: Meets in the Ministry Center: Sanctuary
  • Enrollment: Open to all the ladies.
  • Cost: varies
  • Childcare is provided

Women's Coffee Break

Meets each Wednesday from 9:30-11:30AM

  • Group Overview: This women's group meets each Wednesday morning from September to mid-June. During that time, we tackle some of the challenges women face as we walk IN the world, but seek to be not OF the world. A great opportunity for new people to meet the ladies at Oasis.
  • Study Overview: Join us for our Bible Study as we carefully unveil another of the great Books of Scripture, or as we open the pages of writings by some of the great Christian writers of our time. Challenging, educational, and entertaining too. Bring your Bible.
  • Group Leader/Host: Susan White (951) 653-0737
  • Location: Meets in the Ministry Center: Sanctuary
  • Group Schedule: This group meets each Wednesday from 9:30-11:30AM
  • Enrollment: All ladies are welcome.
  • Cost: None

New Believers Class

To be determined.If you are interested in this New Believer’s Class, contact Pastor Bob at the church office, (951) 653-0737; or call Ruth Hill at (951) 563-6568

  • If you have recently given your life to Christ,
    this is the first step in your journey with God. This 5-week
    study will help the new believer learn the basics of growing in
    your new life in Christ.Study Overview: Twice each month, we meet to get into God’s Word... where we find truth, where we find God,
    where we find ourselves as God sees us. Pastor Bob guides us through the scripture, against which all things are measured.
    Group Leader: Pastor Bob Moore, (951) 653-0737
    Enrollment: All are welcome. Cost: None.

How To Study The Bible Columbo Style

Meets each Friday at 9:30 AM at Jack’s home. Call him for directions.

Study Overview: This is a Sermon Discussion Group with a twist... we study Sunday’s sermon BEFORE we hear it. Our
emphasis is learning together the secrets of the Bible, and the tools available to us to get to the bottom of what God wants us to learn from His Word. We will explore helpful techniques and faithful practices to understanding the “mystery” of the Bible. We will leave no stone left unturned as we dig just beneath the surface enough to see God face-to-face. Join us as we learn bible study tools which reveal how easy it is to understand most of the scriptures.
Group Leader: Jack Pavelich, (951) 653-0737
Cost: None, bring your Bible!

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