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 Prayer Ministry

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Our Prayer Warriors meet together each Monday evening at 6 pm at Oasis to pray over all the prayer concerns that were identified on Sunday's attendance sheet and the prayer request form below.  Each request is honored with reverence and enthusiasm as the petitions are brought forward. We take prayer seriously at Oasis.

  • Group Leader: Fancye Williams (951) 653-0737

  • Location: Meets in the Ministry Center: Youth Center

  • Enrollment: Open to everyone!

  • Cost: None


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Why Do We Pray?

  • Prayer is a two-way channel by which God and man communicate with each other. Communication is very vital for any relationship that is to pass the test of time.


  • As it is said, "a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian". Paul understanding the power of prayer against the attacks of the devil included it in the weapons of our warfare in Ephesians 6:18. When you pray, you enforce your authority in Christ against all the attacks of the enemy.


  • God is love and through prayers you experience and understand more the love of Jesus.


  • When you pray acceptably you enter into God's presence where you will be enveloped by God's love.


  • Prayer strengthens the believer, builds up courage in him and his confidence in the ability of God to do the impossible.


  • Through prayer we ask and receive our desires from God. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7-8 that we should ask if we want to receive from God.

By: Ifeoma Nwoke


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